I never thought of attending elementary school as a luxury until I met the Haitian children.  They love going to school, but for many families, the cost of education is unaffordable.  No doubt, the catastrophe on January 12th, which ended the lives of over 300,000 Haitians, has made it even more difficult for families to send their children to school.  There are more single parents now, leaving fewer hands to handle the required farm-work and house chores needed to simply survive.  Generating enough extra income to send their children to school is simply impossible for many.  There is hardly a state funded school system in Haiti, where 90% of schools are private, leaving the cost burden on the families.

I have been fortunate to spend 6 months of this year living in Haiti.  It has been incredible to be immersed in their culture and learn their perspective on the hardships that face Haiti both historically and today.  I believe education, starting with the children, is the foundation to (re)developing Haiti.

I am working with a grassroots Haitian organization, Organization of Peasants of Lavache (OPL), to send 342 of the most under-privileged children in Lavache to school.  It costs $65 USD for one child, for one year.  What a good investment!

I believe not only in educating the children, but also in developing OPL to be an effective and transparent organization that truly improves the lives of rural Haitians.  This is a great opportunity for donors and volunteers alike to embrace this organization, where our investments of time and money will certainly produce results.

Would you like to support one child with a $65 scholarship for one year?  Any amount will help.  All donations will go directly to Organization of Peasants of Lavache.  If you choose to donate, please send us an email with your name, date of donation and amount to organization.peasants.lavache@gmail.com so we may recognize you.

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